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Kids Tag Rugby Kit - 20 Players

Kids Tag Rugby Kit - 20 Players

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Do you want to take your sports game with your buddies to the next level? Tag Rugby is an exciting, challenging game that all ages can enjoy. Shine on with our amazing Tags and get together your loved ones for a game anytime, anywhere!

What's inside this amazing kit?

  • 1 x kids size 3 #FootyTag rugby ball - Pink or Blue
  • 20 x kids elastic velcro #FootyTag belts
  • 20 x Colour 1 Sublimation Print Polyester #FootyTag Rugby Tags (10 Pairs)
  • 20 x Colour 2 Sublimation Print Polyester #FootyTag Rugby Tags (10 Pairs)
  • 10 x cones to mark out your field
  • A mesh bag that securely stores all of the kit's components.

Tag rugby, also known as Flag Football and Oztag, boosts fitness, teamwork, and agility, while reducing injury risks, making it an enjoyable and inclusive non contact team sport.

Gather up to 10 players per side, up to a total of 20!

Kindly indicate in the order notes if you would like a combination of Kids and Adult belts.


Tags - 35cm x 8cm

Belts - 100cm x 5cm

Bag - 50cm x 40cm


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