Our Story

EVO Sports Co. is an exciting new brand all about Fun and Inclusiveness. Bringing Family and Friends back together!

I’ve been playing Oztag all my Adult life but while coaching my Son’s team, I went on a hunt online for a set of Rugby Tags to help train the team. After searching through Google and ending up disappointed with the variety available, I spoke to my Uncle about it who suggested I just “make your own at home”, then BOOM! Light bulb moment!

Having worked in the corporate environment all my life, this was a huge risk for our little family out of South West Sydney, but the idea was just to exciting to pass up so we began the mission. With trademarking and legal fees, branding and design work, website, sampling etc, it was an expensive venture and had to make some big sacrifices.

The FootyTag idea began Pre-Pandemic, amongst all the disruptions we were able to work with many amazing people to finally bring this dream to life.

Two and a half years later we eventually launched in October 2021, introducing FootyTag and BeachTag to Australians! We had our first Sale within the first week and haven't looked back, we are so excited to see our product now enjoyed by many across our country and hope to continue seeing Aussies playing FootyTag and BeachTag, Anywhere Anytime!

FootyTag & BeachTag was created for 2 main purposes -

  1. Bringing Family & Friends back together and getting active, the pandemic changed many things but us Aussies got back on our feet and are starting to enjoy the outdoors again!
  1. Perfect addition to Sports Coaching sessions, no matter what the sport but especially for Senior & Junior Rugby Training. Lots of fun for all ages and will also help develop a players stepping & passing and their stamina and running game.

We supply complete kits which include one size fits all velcro belts, Rugby Tags, Rugby Balls, cones and a mesh bag to keep everything together, we also supply Tags for those who already have Rugby Tag shorts.

Check out our range online and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on 1300 100 EVO (386) or help@evosportsco.com.au 

We hope you love it as much as we do!

Michael Humoudi

Founder - EVO Sports Co.