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Destiny Tag Rugby Pack - 6 Player

Destiny Tag Rugby Pack - 6 Player

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FootyTag captures the exhilaration of Rugby League while omitting physical contact. Participants strategically remove Tags from ball carriers, making it a perfect game for all age groups. 

FootyTag's exciting, breakneck speed brings classic UK Tag Rugby to life. Experience the same rules as Rugby League without the risk of contact - also known as Flag Football, Rugby Tag, and Oztag, and are popular around the world!

What's included in my pack?

  • 6 x Colour 1 Sublimation Print Polyester #FootyTag Tag Rugby Tags (3 pairs)
  • 6 x Colour 2 Sublimation Print Polyester #FootyTag Tag Rugby Tags (3 pairs)
  • Mesh bag to keep everything together.

*Add Velcro Belts or Ball and receive a FREE upgrade to our larger bag!


Tags - 35cm x 8cm

Bag - 30cm x 40cm 

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