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Custom Tag Rugby Tags - Dynamic

Custom Tag Rugby Tags - Dynamic

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Evo Sports Co is proud to be the first supplier of Custom Rugby Tags! Decorate with your School Emblem and Business Logos for a unique look!

Every Custom Tag Rugby Tag is crafted from premium polyester with full-colour sublimation printing.

Custom Tag Rugby Tags-Dynamic designs are ideal for educational purposes, increasing enthusiasm for the beloved game. By printing each school's emblem on the tags, tracking their whereabouts is made simpler, in turn resulting in considerable savings and a reduced risk of misplacement or theft.

Businesses will appreciate these tags for giveaways, employee activities, and outdoor events, as they are quick and easy to set up and enjoyable for all ages. Promotion of the company is an added bonus.

Tag rugby, also known as Flag Football and Oztag, boosts fitness, teamwork, and agility, while reducing injury risks, making it an enjoyable and inclusive non contact team sport.

Please Note - As these are Custom Made we have a minimum total of 40 Tags (20 Pairs) per order. Please allow approx. 4-5 weeks for production and delivery. Price listed is per individual Tag.

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