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Beach Rugby Tags Pack - 20 Player

Beach Rugby Tags Pack - 20 Player

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Already have velcro tag shorts or belts? Constructed from high-grade polyester, these #BeachTags are ideal for any environment, coming in 6 distinct colours and complete with a mesh bag for storage. Pro players will love their performance.

BeachTag, based on the beloved UK Tag Rugby, is renowned for its rules similar to those of Rugby League--including safety regulations and its nonexistence of contact. Internationally, this sport is known as Flag Football, Rugby Tag, and Oztag. This pack is perfect for beach activities, park visits, school events, and backyard games.

What's included in my pack?

  • 20 x Colour 1 Sublimation Print Polyester #BeachTag Rugby Tags (10 pairs)
  • 20 x Colour 2 Sublimation Print Polyester #BeachTag Rugby Tags (10 Pairs)
  • Mesh bag to keep everything together.

Check out our Kits for the Ultimate Package that includes a Ball, Velcro Belts and Cones to mark out your field.


Tags - 35cm x 8cm

Bag - 30cm x 40cm


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