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What is Oztag and Tag Rugby?

What is Oztag and Tag Rugby? How Tag Rugby is Played?

Oztag has become a widely popular pastime across Australia, with large contingents participating nationally and all over the world also known as Flag Football and Tag Rugby. 

This non-tackling game can be arranged to fit onto half a rugby or soccer field and generally goes for 40 minutes - 2 x 20 minutes halves, and allows for eight players in each team to be on the field at any given time. Outfitted with shorts that possess Velcro patches on each side or a velcro belt, from which a strip of cloth hangs, known as the tag, players aim to score tries, while defenders attempt to prevent this by tagging the ball carrier, thus detaching the tag from the shorts.

OZTAG Tag Rugby offers six chances for the attacking team to score a try or move the ball to a strategic position near the goal line. The intense tagging situation, which is difficult to escape from, adds to the thrilling nature of the game. Additionally, the invention of the tag prevents any unjust calls.

Rugby League Tag requires players to employ a variety of skills, such as kicking, passing, and evasive techniques. Passing, when used offensively, can help breach the defensive line, while creative passes, like around-the-corner attempts, can leave opponents vulnerable to tagging.

The rules for this low/medium-contact sport dictate that attackers must target the gaps and defenders must avoid impeding progress or initiating contact; if contact occurs, the initiating party will face a penalty.

Under the advantage rule, teams may put the ball to the ground to create broken field play. At the start of the game, and after a try is scored, teams kick-off to resume play. After a line drop, the ball is taken from the middle of the try line. During general play, passing is allowed but must be below the referee's shoulder height.

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