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Is tag rugby a contact sport?

Rugby is famous for its strength, enthusiasm, and unity. Yet, the game offers more than one type of play. Over time, diverse versions of rugby have blossomed, each bringing a distinct flavor and set of regulations. Now, it's time to jump into the realm of diverse rugby codes, evaluating and contrasting Tag Rugby, Touch Rugby, Rugby Union, and Rugby League. So, lace up your rugby boots, secure your chin strap, and let's investigate the specifics that make each code stand out!


 Full Contact Rugby provides a challenging blend of strength, skill and courage, incorporating the famously physical nature of the sport. If desired, players can choose to wear protective gear such as should pads and helmets to prepare for the intense encounters they may face. With Rugby Union the objective is to move the ball across the try line using strength, dexterity and strategic ability.

 In Rugby Union, teams engage in a series of play as they battle for possession and territory with scrums, line-outs, mauls and rucks. Tactical decision-making, ball handling and kicking, as well as cohesive teamwork, are integral to outsmart the opposition. The aim is to secure victory by maintaining physical dominance and outmaneuvering them. Rugby League, in contrast, is played at a faster pace and has less players (13 vs 15) with more passes and running with the ball.

 Rugby League tackling is often more open and dynamic, with players rapidly releasing the ball to keep the game flowing. The objective is still to reach the enemy try line, however Rugby League puts a heavier weight on speed, dexterity, and effective offensive techniques. Both Rugby Union and Rugby League come under the same head as full contact rugby, however the distinctions between the two codes lead to remarkable playing experiences. Rugby Union requires a fine balance of physicality, tactics, and technique, evidenced by scrums, mauls, rucks, and lineouts. Rugby League takes a different approach by prioritizing swiftness, nimbleness, and dynamic ball transition, resulting in a quick and thrilling form of the game.

 No matter which variant you choose, the essence of full-contact rugby, either in the form of Rugby Union or Rugby League, is a spectacle laden with excitement and intense competition, where participants push themselves both intellectually and physically to their limits in order to come out on top.


 Tag Rugby employs a unique approach, emphasizing agility, evasiveness, and swift thinking. This non-contact sport offers a thrilling experience without fear of bone-crunching collisions. Instead of tackles, players don special Velcro tags, and adversaries must remove these tags to impede the ball carrier. Tag Rugby encourages dynamic, speedy play, necessitating alert reflexes, nimble footwork, and cooperative teamwork. It also highlights strategy, spatial awareness, and successful passing, while players look for openings in the opposition to take advantage of. Tag Rugby, with no risk of jarring tackles, is an ideal option for all ages and skill levels.

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 Touch Rugby is a form of the game similar to Tag Rugby, but without the need for physical contact. Instead, players tap the ball carrier with their hands to signal a successful tackle, and the play continues from that point on. Precision, speed, and agility are essential to success in this version, requiring players to make quick passes, spot openings in defense, and use their spatial awareness to create scoring chances. It also needs players to have top-notch fitness, vision, and communication - making it a strategic and thrilling substitute for the full-contact variant. Ultimately, which type of Rugby (full-contact, Tag, or Touch) is right for you depends on your goals and preferences.

 Rugby is renowned for its intense physicality, yet every form of the game draws on agility and the ability to evade opponents. Full Contact Rugby is for players seeking a heart-pounding experience, whereas Tag Rugby and Touch Rugby are more inclusive and approachable. Regardless of style, rugby binds its players and supporters together through its core values of collaboration, reverence, and tenacity. Whether you're on the front lines, tagging opponents, or gracefully navigating the field, bask in the joys of this incredible sport. After all, rugby is not merely a game - it's an attitude. Gather your friends, don your rugby jersey, and ready yourself for battle - in whatever form it comes.

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